8 Foods and Toxins that are Killing Your Gut Bacteria


Most of us don’t realise just how vitally important our gut bacteria is for our health and wellbeing. Your gut is home to over one trillion bacteria, Our guts – home to 100 trillion bacteria – close to 2Kg or 4lb in weight – are a vital part of our body and have been labelled by scientists as our forgotten organ.

As well as aiding digestion, the bacteria and flora that we host in our guts help to keep our immune system functioning, and fight off infection and disease. However there are many toxins and chemicals in foods and medicines that harm strains or the bacteria we depend on which can lead to all sorts of chronic disease.

Keep your gut in optimal health and try to avoid these Foods & Toxins

  • Antibiotics

    These wonder drugs also do untold damage to our gut bacteria and are often overprescribed. over 70% of prescriptions in 2017 were unnecessary so check that a course of antibiotics is really necessary.


  • Preservatives and Emulsifiers

    Common in processed foods they increase the shelf life by killing bacteria. Dont eat them or they’ll do the same thing to your own gut bacteria.


  • Flavour enhancers

    Flavour enhancers such as MSG are found in many processed foods and have been linked with inflammation and adverse changes in the makeup of gut bacteria.


  • Artificial Sweeteners

    These common sweeteners found in diet drinks, cakes and even health foods change your gut microbiome, killing good bacteria, and allowing bad bacteria to thrive.


  • Pesticides

    Unless you buy organic, many cereals, soy products, vegetables and fruits contain traces of pesticides such as glyphosate. Wash your fruit and vegetables thoroughly – or if you can buy organic


  • Cheap Meat & Dairy

    Antibiotics are often used in meat and dairy production to increase profits. These can inturn harm your gut microbiome. Try buy organic or replace with fish


  • Acid reflux and PPI drugs

    These drugs reduce stomach acid which can result in harmful pathogens reaching your gut. Try natural alternatives such apples or bananas which have antacid properties


  • Hand Sanitisers and Antibacterial Detergents  

    Products containing chemicals such as tricoslan also kill good bacteria, allowing harmful bacteria to takeover. Use soap and water instead.


7 toxins that kill you gut bacteria